European Road Safety Charter

Lancashire County Council

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The roads are classified under A, B and C roads. Lancashire County has 255km of urban class A roads, 224 km of urban class B roads and 325 km of urban C class roads. On top of these roads, there are a lot of residential unclassified roads as well. The A, B and C classified roads will be separated into discrete lengths.
The Audit will assemble for each length, accidents records, vehicle flows and pedestrian flows from the existing records. In relation to existing routes, any remedial measures identified from the Audit to be programmed for implementation by 31 March 2007. A team will then visit each length and produce recommendations as to what improvements are necessary. The investigation work will be prioritised on the basis of accident records and any suggested improvements also prioritised on the sustainable travel modes.
Early investigations will include:
Route A 59 between the A 6 and M 6 junctions in Preston;
Route A 6 between the A 588 and A 683 junctions in Lancaster;
Route A679 between the County boundary and A6185 in Hyndburn;
Route B6243 between the A6 and A5085 junctions in Preston.
The audits should contribute towards reaching the overall casualty reduction target (40% reduction in killed and seriously injured casualties by 2010, 50% reduction in child KSI casualties by 2010, 10% reduction in slight injury rate by 2010) by an earlier date. Annual reports monitoring the outcomes of the audit will be produced every year and the report, at the end of year 1, will include realistic casualty reduction targets.
The overall aim will be to assist the reduction of road casualties, in particular those involving fatal and serious injury, among children, elderly people, disabled people and cyclists, and amongst people living in areas of social deprivation.