European Road Safety Charter

La Mutuelle des Etudiants (LMDE)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

LMDE undertakes to carry out the following actions aimed at reducing the number of road accident victims over the next three years.
1/ Implementation:
- Implementation of 50 actions “au carrefour de la route” (at the crossroads) in 2011. (25 actions in secondary schools and 25 actions in higher education establishments). It concerns villages comprising three main facets: awareness-raising / risk behaviour (alcohol/drugs) / road sharing. The travelling villages will allow young people to test the workshops such as simulators for blood alcohol testing, driving and vision in order to understand and analyse the risks that may be taken on the road, to heighten awareness and to generate a change in behaviour.
- Occasional activities during student evening parties and party settings (setting up stands, a “travelling” peer education system).
- Use of new tools, created for the 2011 campaign.
- Creating a regional dynamic by means of preventive actions carried out with partners.
Between 150 and 200 actions are forecast over three years.
2) The campaign tools:
- An exhibition.
- A brochure.
- A poster “Toutes les tendances ne sont pas bonnes à suivre…” (Not all trends should be followed).
- A quiz to use in villages.
- A logo “au carrefour de la route” (at the crossroads).
- Alcohol strips.
- Breathalysers.
- A short film competition.
- Alcohol simulator glasses.
- KOTABOSS: raising public awareness of the effects of alcohol on the body and highlighting the changes in reflexes, particularly when driving, and the reduction in faculties by means of participative experiments.
- SIMALC (alcohol simulator) allows the level of alcohol in the blood to be shown.
- Driving simulators and two-wheel vehicles.
- First aid training.
3) Timeline and human resources:
- Activities planned throughout 2011 and continuation in 2012 and 2013.
- Impetus given to actions by a network of ten employees responsible for prevention, spread across eight delegations.
- Training of student intermediaries with regard to preventive actions.
- Partners.

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