European Road Safety Charter


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In 2010 Komimo will focus its actions specifically on associations.
The project 'Associations for Road Safety' consists of several actions to encourage directors and members of associations (and umbrellas/federations) to incorporate road safety into the general policy of their organisation. This will be done in several ways:
- Information about road safety tailored to the associations will be offered via a website. Here they will find the rules and laws, practical tips and an overview of good practices and the available training. The website will be online from June 2010 on. Komimo aims to make the site the point of reference on road safety for associations in Flanders.
Means: website -
- In a seminar good examples and practical tips are provided to the heads of organisations and municipalities in order to bring road safety into practice in the associational life.
Means: lectures and workshops
- Two specific target groups will be addressed in 2010: the sports sector and the sector of the elderly people. In the sports sector we will focus on safe biking skills through the use of a mobile agility course that will be offered in several sport clubs. This course is supported by a training package. The sports coaches will be trained to work with this course.
Means: "train the trainer"- package and bike agility course.
For the sector of the elderly people, we will focus on the announcement and promotion of the existing range of courses, through a road safety exhibition.
Medium: Exhibition
- Komimo will encourage its member associations to become a signatory of the European Road Safety Charter.
Means: all kinds of publications.

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