European Road Safety Charter

Kita "Rhinstrolche"

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

- Organisation of a street practice area for children for practicing what to do in dangerous street situationsTo increase the safety of our kindergarten children, we will organise a street practice area. In this way all children can practice safe behaviour on the street without the danger of actual cars and trucks and safely internalise essential behavioural patterns (e.g., safe behavior at crosswalks and crossing streets of various widths with different traffic rules and regulations). - Training of staffAll 24 educators of the Rhinstrolche daycare centre will receive additional qualifications for the next three years in at least two-week seminars and workshops on the subjects of traffic law, planning and safety successively. In this way it is guaranteed that the behavior of the children is professionally monitored and appropriately guided.
- Developing practical exercises for the daycare childrenWe will give standardised tests to all children (according to age) from the Rhinstrolche daycare centre once a year, as well as evaluate their behavior in the practice area regarding their danger avoidance strategies with a comparable behavioural curve on this day. Approximately 200 children of the Rhinstrolche daycare centre will be involved in these evaluations.
- Annual summer street gamesAt various points in the daycare centre area, theoretical and age-appropriate games concerning safe behaviour on the street (e.g., street quizzes) will be organized. The local traffic police and others involved in traffic safety (ADAC) will also be invited.
- Comparison of daycare children of municipal daycare centersThe approximately 550 children from daycare centres of Kremmen will be invited one morning for "street sports" in order to compare the proper behaviour of children in different age groups in the practice area. The results will be discussed, and afterwards the children will receive prizes related to the street (bicycle helmets, colouring books etc.).
- Public relations For the purposes of road safety for our children, we will use contacts to local as well as national media and publish campaigns concerning street safety /daycare as news.