European Road Safety Charter

Kindergarden No 9

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Przedszkole Nr 9 (Kindergarden No 9) is committed to the European Road Safety Charter with actions to educate our children on road safety.
For the next three years we will educate children (aged 3-6) who attend the Kindergarten on road safety. Our aim is to focus on:
Children knowing the rules of the road
Children being visible whilst using pavements from the glare of car users
That they are able to cope in difficult situations and are able to communicate with the emergency services (if need be) by phone or face to face
Behaviour in vehicle - Children's safety seats and using safety belts
We aim to achieve this through a combination of play and an educational game and also visits by the local police officers, fireman and other specialist staff.

Our goal is to provide every child using a pushchair with a road safety reflective band and reflective elements on clothes for all other children.