European Road Safety Charter

"Kick The Saddle" Association

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Our mission is to promote the values of intelligent and safe mobility, to boost bike usage in daily activities (school, work and leisure), to make cycling a safe daily way of transportation. We will contribute to the enhancement of cooperation within the non-governmental sector as well as with public administration structures, mass-media, citizens, business sector etc.
With the actions proposed for the European Road Safety Charter we target: corporations (employers & employees), schools (youth, educators), administration (central and local), mass-media.
We will start the initiative "Bike Safely To School, To Work, To Shop" a project through which we will propose:
- Private/public collaborations for developing specific and safer bicycle infrastructure (consultancy for bike parking & installing bike racks), in line with the European safety practices. We will inform educators that schools are "assaulted by the cars because of the parents that want to protect their kids from car-accidents, by driving them to schools by car!". We will present them the theory and some practical solutions for encouraging kids, employees and clients to safely ride the bike.
- Stimulation of bike usage in the daily transport while discouraging the motorized transport, through direct collaboration with decision makers from the private sector. These actions will have the role to position the bike as the Rational Healthy Switch, with two aspects: environmental and human safety care.
- Support for the bike community by developing the websites, and The VELO MAP will contain specific and relevant info for the bikers: safety advices, shops, services, lanes, parking, organizations, cure centres, air compressors. The map will be permanently updated (not only with public bike lanes, but with corporate bike-parking networks etc.)
- Educative programs for the beneficiaries with active support for bike sellers, police force, educational institutions and local authorities, road safety organizations.
- Active gathering of volunteers around "Kick The Saddle" Association for involving them in road safety targeted practical activities.

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