European Road Safety Charter

June, 18, 2022 - German Road Safety Council's National Road Safety Day - Social media campaign supported by Allianz Insurance and AZT

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The German Road Safety Council (DVR) created the idea to highlight every third Saturday of June the issues of transport accidents. This year, Allianz Motor Insurance Germany and AZT Automotive GmbH helped with creating more awareness via a broad social media campaign. Police, traffic alert services, medical supporters, fire fighters, transport companies, and nameless others participate with their actions. The campaign, named "Vision Zero Heroes!" was based on the psychology of praising good behaviour instead of blaming the bad behaviour. To say thank you to all who work for a better climate and safety. Any good behavior shall be encouraged: Thank you for slowing down speed at the right moment! Thank you for giving the pedestrian a sign for crossing! Thank you for a kind, not hostile interaction! Allianz spread 12 good behaviours via social media and targeted certain professions who help to increase road safety.(e.g. thank you traffic police educators! With you, children are more safe on our roads).