European Road Safety Charter

Joint participation in the "Stay bright" campaign

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In our advertising company Siletra we also joined the organization of the road safety campaign “Stay bright” and invited two local schools (Osnovna šola Idrija – Podružnična šola Godovič in Zavratec)to participate, and we were very pleased with the actions in the Godovič kindergarten (Metuljčki and Pikapolonice group). Individual groups of children prepared creative cartoons and painted articles, either in the course of English language classes or other relevant subjects, whose main message was traffic safety and how to remain visible in traffic. The children were given reflective pendants that were placed on bags and reflective labels for bicycles, scooters, bags and uppers for better visibility. With the help of the presentation comic book in English and Slovene, they talked with teachers about the dangers they were exposed to as participants due to inappropriate visibility, thus developing an important debate on the topic of traffic.