European Road Safety Charter

Invitation to Sign the European Railway Safety Declaration

European Union Agency for Railways and the European Commissioner for Transport have recently invited members of different National Safety Agencies to Sign the European Railway Safety Declaration. Initiative was introduced in order to establish a positive safety culture or railways in Europe, while also encouraging the railway sector to be working closely together.

Declaration itself demonstrates the commitment of European railway leaders to raise awareness and promote a positive safety culture throughout the entire industry, in different European countries.

European Union Agency for Railways marked that the role of National Safety Authorities will be very important in this process as it could be the factor whether the declaration could bring meaningful results. Following this invitation, Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration presented an invitation to all the local firms, organizations and institution which are working in the railway sector to take an initiative and sign the declaration.

Administration believes that the successful way to ensure safety in railways or roads depends on effective cooperation and constant spread of information related to safety issues. The declaration reflects both these points and Administration will be willing to actively promote it across Lithuanian agencies and institutions.

First steps were already taken and Administration officially published the invitation with a goal to ensure cooperation and commitment of the Lithuanian Railway sector. Full text of the declaration could be found below.