European Road Safety Charter

Interacitive workshops »I still drive, but I cannot walk«

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Traffic acident victim, with spinal injury, share their stories in non-formal workshops with young people in order to influence their perception on road safety.

They learn about road safety and the importance of following road safety rules from a different angle – the personal experiences of a person injured in a road accident.

This is an innovative peer-to-peer communication providing youth with personal experiences based on the method of shock and personal involvement, while also taking a positive attitude towards disability and thus breaking down taboos related to handicap.

Quality and effectiveness are key areas which the movement is based evaluation. By constantly improving and upgrading activities, our efforts are focused on raising awareness of the dangers and consequences of road accidents and on active participation of people with disabilities.

Out target gorups are youth - future and novice drivers betwen the age of 15 and 22.

From our beginings in Slovenia fom 2008 we educated more than 44.500 young people. We started to work in Serbia in 2015 and just in firs year educated on importance of road safety more than 5000 young people in the age from 15 and 22.