European Road Safety Charter

Institute for Sustainable Mobility, Ghent University

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Through scientific research, the Institute for Sustainable Mobility aims to provide policy makers, target groups and stakeholders with the necessary resources to improve the road safety. Therefore scientific research cannot be detached but must be deeply involved in the achievement of road safety targets.
We aim to translate the results of the scientific research in a way that both policymakers and road users can understand them easily.
The Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IDM) follows the principle that scientific research should be communicated to the general public, stakeholders and policy.
We want to achieve this by using an appropriate communication strategy to widely disseminate the results of the scientific research in an understandable way. This can be done in the traditional ways (articles, brochures...). However, we will also use more appealing techniques, such as actively involving the media in the publication of the results, actually demonstrating the possibilities, pro-actively participate in debates, schools...
We inform the press on a regular basis about our research results. This leads to a direct interaction with the press who on a regular basis asks the opinion of IDM on issues relating to mobility and road safety. In this way, the information is well disseminated and the support for certain road safety measures is gradually strengthened. Classic publications in journals can convince the target audience (police, governments, community groups...) to implement certain measures.
We will collaborate with certain stakeholders (pedestrian associations, cyclists associations, travellers associations, automobile associations, environmental associations...) to contribute to strengthening the public support.
We will communicate the research results to stakeholders and policy makers in an ongoing process. Our intention is to create sufficiently public support for the research results as to improve the road safety in the society. In this strategy we focus on both the executive government (ministers) and the legislators (Hearings in parliaments).
In simple terms, we want to "popularise" scientific results.
Duration of the commitment: 3 years.

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