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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Road safety is one of the strategic pillars of the ICB. Its Strategic Plan for 2010 - 2012 defines the role of the ICB in this area as follows:
''The ICB strives to actively support the prevention policy within the sector both in the field of road safety as security. In this way, the ICB wants to help to achieve the objectives targeted by the government in this field.''
Therefore, the ICB intends to develop a tool on the ICB website that will allow providing entrepreneurs in the sector with information on how to implement an effective road safety policy in a company.
The following issues will be addressed:
-          preparing a prevention plan;
-          training of drivers;
-          vehicle maintenance;
-          economic aspects of safety policy;
-          issues relating to insurance;
-          statistics on road safety.
This action targets about 500 transport companies active in the sector. These employ together about 10,000 professional drivers.
Through the electronic newsletter and through articles in the trade journals, entrepreneurs will be informed of the existence of this tool. Furthermore, we can provide information sessions for these companies.
Based on feedback from companies, the tool will be continually updated and improved. The realisation of this tool on the website is planned for December 2010.
The use of the tool is evaluated on the basis of detailed statistics on the website of the ICB.

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