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HEROES DRIVE IN PAJAMAS guerilla action accompanied the reopening of bars in Slovenia

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Ambassadors of Zavod VOZIM visited cities across Slovenia and distributed heroic guerrilla material on the terraces of the bars immediately after the re-opening (bars were closed due to COVID-19 restrictions).
In total, we carried out 13 Guerrilla actions in 23 cities across Slovenia in the period between 8. March 2021 and 27. May 2021. At around 160 bars, around 480 posters and about 3200 stickers were distributed in all Guerrilla action. The material ambassadors shared had an encouraging message: "If we survived the closing of the bars, lets survive their reopening!" and encourages critical thinking about driving under the influence of alcohol.

Since the beginning of our Heroes drive in pajamas initiative in 2017, Zavod VOZIM has been encouraging young people in particular to change their attitude towards alcohol and become safe and responsible drivers.

COVID-19 restrictions have severely affected the mobility of Slovenians and reduces traffic density, but the biggest cause of deaths on our roads is still alcohol. The data that is particularly worrying is that:
- 37% of traffic accidents with a deadly outcome in 2020 were caused by a drunk driver (6% more than the year before),
- 60% of people who died in traffic accidents, lost their lives between Friday and Sunday or on work-free holidays.

These two facts encouraged us to address bar owners and especially their customers with the thought-provoking slogan: If we survived the closing of bars, let’s survive their reopening. We further substantiated this message with the appeal: Never drive under the influence of alcohol and always ensure you have a safe ride home.

“The reopening can also be an opportunity for each of us to reset and act more responsibly,” urged Nino Batagelj, one of our ambassadors, who was injured in a car accident caused by alcohol. “Drunk driving is the most common cause of the most tragic traffic accidents, as well as other accidents with distressing stories behind them.

”Franci Judež, the owner of Gostišče Loka in Novo mesto, promptly responded to our call and gladly put up our materials in his bar, commenting: “We are aware how important it is to raise drunk driving awareness among our customers. We always respond to these sorts of initiatives, because it is very important to us that our guests get home safely.”