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Activity 1: Driving Under the Influence
Set-up: The module ' Drive Under the Influence' is an interdisciplinary project on the topic of alcohol. We go deeper into stereotypes, misunderstandings, preconceptions and points of interest concerning alcohol in an interactive manner. More specifically, we study the influence of alcohol on the human body and on (driving) behaviour.
Objective: This action aims to sensitise young people who are on the verge of obtaining their driving licence to the dangers of alcohol and its effect on their driving behaviour.
Content: The 3-hour module consists of the following:
- We start with an introduction (presentation) on the analysis of mobility and road safety in Flanders (1 hour).
- This is followed by a proposition game consisting of 25 questions on the impact of alcohol on the human body and on (driving) behaviour (1 hour). Apart from the element of fun, we also go deeper into several preconceptions and misunderstandings that exist on this matter (1 hour)
- Finally students can personally experience what it feels like to be under the influence of alcohol by driving around a track in the driving simulator and/or by means of an obstacle course wearing a pair of drunk and dangerous glasses (impairment goggles).
Target group: Classes of the 2nd and 3rd grade of secondary education in Flanders.
Number of participants:
- Per module: max. 30 participants
- Per year: approximately 400 participants
Date: the module is organised throughout the entire school year.
Promotion: via the Website of Hasselt University - information leaflet for teachers and management of secondary education. 
Activity 2: Traffic Quiz -
Set-up: The traffic quiz is an online quiz with challenging questions on road safety and mobility.
Objective: The objective is to test the knowledge of youngsters with regard to road safety and mobility in a playful manner. The issue is therefore approached from various angles such as infrastructure, legislation, spatial planning, behaviour…
Content: The traffic quiz is an online game which is organised annually. During 3 weeks, 5 questions on 4 themes (e.g. road safety, behaviour, environment, current events) are published online each week. The quiz consists of a varied mix of questions where in most cases ready knowledge alone is not sufficient to find the answers. Therefore participants have to do some research to find the correct answers. Week and final winners receive nice prizes.
Target group: In the first place, the traffic quiz is aimed at youngsters from the 2nd and 3rd grade of secondary education in Flanders and higher education. Participants can take part either individually or as a team (per class).
Participants: around 4,500 per year.
Promotion is made through: Partners websites, direct mailings, posters and brochures sent to schools, libraries and youth services, newsletters, AXA insurance companies, Press releases. 
Activity 3: Jeugd GePoSitioneerd (Youth GPS)
Set-up: With the Youth GPS project we wish to bring young people in contact with the themes road safety and mobility in an innovative (GIS and GPS) and interactive manner. In this project, we even go a little further as young people have a say in their own city's mobility policy. It is the young people themselves who pinpoint the unsafe spots in the neighbourhood of youth and sport clubs, domicile… Moreover they think about possible solutions for the various bottlenecks.
Objective: to bring young people into contact with mobility and road safety in their own familiar everyday world and in a new environment in a different manner. We also aim to allow youngsters a bigger say in their city's road unsafety and mobility policy.
Content: a game has been elaborated where youth clubs and city consultants collaborate to map road unsafety and mobility. The goal is to let various groups of youngsters use GIS (online website) and GPS in their own everyday environment to make a practical analysis of the accessibility using different transport modes and of the road safety situation of locations they often go to (youth clubs, youth centres). They take a closer look at municipal policy or its practical consequences with the aim of having a say in mobility policy.
Target group: Youth clubs
Promotion: through the website of the partners (Transportation Research Institute - Mobiel21 - VVJ)
Information leaflet developed for the project, Website
We also organise Road Safety activities in Asian and South-American countries.

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