European Road Safety Charter

Greater London Hire Limited

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As one of London's leading transport providers, Greater London Hire Limited (GLH) operates over 250 vehicles throughout London's busy infrastructure. It is not only our responsibility to ensure the safety of those driving the vehicles on our behalf but others using London's roads in addition to pedestrian traffic.
The number of accidents reported to us can vary each week though the repercussions can affect our business quite severely in some cases. 
Our objective is to heighten the awareness regarding the need to reduce road accident fatalities to all GLH staff members and self employed drivers on an ongoing basis and to build upon knowledge of good practices on road safety. Therefore, for the next 3 years, GLH will develop a Road safety campaign including the following:
1- GLH will research relevant safe driving material and road safety information from both an analysis of its own internal statistics about accidents and external experts' publications.
2- It will initially target its existing drivers through internal communications, e.g. sending some Road Safety information and advices both by email and post. 
This will involve the managing director, the passenger division manager and despatch division manager to ensure the correct information is distributed.
Target date for initial communication 1st September 2009.
3- The driver liaison department will then ensure that this information is provided to drivers upon induction on an ongoing basis.
4 Other staff members will be sent the same road safety and safe driving materials information via regular internal emails.
We anticipate producing 1500 communication materials to be sent out over the three year period.