European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Training: the association organises traffic training to enable novice cyclists to travel safely by bicycle in cities. These half-day training sessions, organised by volunteers, take place regularly in the majority of cities in the Walloon area of Belgium (at least once a year) and Brussels (once a month). The objective is to promote such training so that more people can benefit from it.
Bike experience: the idea is to conduct a “back in the saddle” media campaign involving drivers and novice cyclists. It entails identifying preferential routes for the novice cyclists, training them to cycle in the town or city and then accompanying them on the school or work run for several days before letting them continue independently. This campaign will take place over two weeks every spring in the Walloon and Brussels regions.
Emphasis will be placed on safety advice and media focus on the feasibility of travelling by bicycle.
Information: Ville-à-Vélo, newsletter, information stands and folders, Web.2.
Information for cyclists, whether or not they are members of the association, is an important part of our association’s activities. We will include a road safety section in various media (bi-monthly magazine, bi-monthly electronic newsletter and thematic folders disseminated during activities in which we participate regularly).
Awareness: video clips and various campaigns.
Road user awareness is an essential part of any road safety programme. In addition to the regular campaigns carried out by the association branches, we plan to make a series of educational and entertaining bicycle safety video clips (mid-2010).

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