European Road Safety Charter

George Tjirkallis & Sons Ltd

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our commitment is to contribute in reducing the number of road traffic accidents and especially fatal accidents in Cyprus.
In order to achieve our commitment we will carry out the following actions:
1) We will offer the appropriate training to drivers employed at enterprises and organisations in Cyprus, as well as drivers of public vehicles (buses) to get to know how to operate their vehicles appropriately and with the maximum possible safety. The drivers will follow a series of courses and presentations that will help them to understand that even though a vehicle is useful and necessary in our lives, it can be very dangerous if they as drivers don't use it appropriately (obey the traffic rules, and maintain their vehicles in the best possible working conditions/serviced).
In charge of these procedures will be George Tjirkallis, who used to be an assistant Service Manager for the General Motors agency in Cyprus, currently a road accident investigator and a lecturer of road accidents investigations and vehicle behaviour at the Cyprus Police Academy.
2) We will give the opportunity to drivers (around 50,000) to use the Driving Simulator at our Training Centre to understand that they have to obey the traffic rules as well as to understand how easy is to get involved in a traffic accident if the driver is careless, if he over-estimates his/her ability, if he doesn't respect the other users of the road network and if keeps driving while feeling dizzy or tired. We will also try to get in contact with secondary schools in Cyprus, in an effort for students at the age of 17 and 18, that are about to start driving a car, to get encouraged to use the Driving Simulator.
3) We will give more emphasis on educating drivers to obey the traffic rules, to respect other users of the road network (other drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities), as well as encouraging defensive and mature driving.
We will also pass the message to all drivers that Fatal Road Accidents can happen to all of us, and that all of us, as users of the road, have to be very careful in order not to get involved in road accidents.
This message will be passed directly all the drivers during the training courses/presentations that we will offer to them. Furthermore, this message will be passed through the handouts/leaflets that we are planning to prepare to hand out to drivers employed in enterprises and organisations in Cyprus, as well as to primary and secondary school students.
The handouts/leaflet prepared will be distributed to drivers of various companies and organizations based in Cyprus, as well as to students at primary and secondary education in Cyprus. For the publication of these handouts/leaflets, we are in the procedure of joining forces with "CYTA" (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority) one of the largest enterprises in Cyprus and member of the European Road Safety Charter to publish these together, thus targeting even more people in Cyprus.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

The need to act upon road safety issues arrises from the fact that every year a large number or people lose their lives by careless, aggressive driving, and by not respecting other users of the road network. By creating the necessary awareness each of us can contribute to the saving of a number of lives every year.

Your knowledge 

We are operating in the field of Road Accidents more than 20 years and thus we do know the reasons why most accidents occur. We also have the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering background to understand the behaviour of motor vehicles, and how a driver should use them in oder to drive safely.