European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We plan to develop a project focusing on increasing awareness of road safety schemes among the young.The project will be implemented in several municipalities in the region of AndalucĂ­a, Spain. In the pilot phase, between three and six municipalities will be involved, bringing together between 500 and 1,000 young people. The actions will take place over the next school year, from October 2008 to April 2009, and will be addressed to young people aged between 13-18; in addition, parent associations and teachers will be involved. In the first phase of our project, we aim to organise several meetings/seminars involving key stakeholders in the field, such as police department officials (at local and regional level), educators, social workers, and officials from the transport, health and education departments, who will establish the main priorities and specific objectives of the actions. We will then design an approach methodology based on working with children. Once the methodology has been designed, we will plan a range of activities (on an informal basis) to involve young people in the planned actions.
The range of activities will cover the upcoming:
Seminars to train teachers about road safety themes; teachers will then incorporate these contents in the citizen education subject. This action will take place during teaching hours.

Awareness campaigns focused on young people aged 13-18. Duration: one-and-a-half hours per school. Approximately 20 sessions. This action will take place during teaching hours.

Workshops on road safety schemes. Gantalcala will organise several workshops in the various schools involved, aiming to provide children with practical road safety training. These workshops will be held by experts from several key stakeholder groups, such as police officers, transport department officials, social workers and educators. Participants: young people aged 13-18. Duration: three hours per workshop. Approximately 20 workshops. This action will take place outside teaching hours.

Good practice exchange activity at regional level. Between 50 and 100 participants from the municipalities involved. Duration: three days. This action will take place outside teaching hours.

Good practice exchange activity at European level. Participants from at least six European countries, between five and eight per country. Duration: one week. This action will take place outside teaching hours.

Dissemination activities. Before, during and after the project activities (e.g. presentation to the media, to take place on 13 October, European Road Safety Day; dissemination of several press releases; online contents on the websites of the municipalities involved, etc). Furthermore, gathering the best identified practices during the project activities (at regional and European level) we will edit and publish a good practice guide in the field of road safety which will be available to any interested parties at European level. This guide will be translated into six languages (Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and German)

Evaluation activities. During the preparation phase, Gantalcala will define several indicators which will help us to develop a follow-up process. Furthermore, a mid-way and final evaluation will be undertaken by the different groups involved (young people, parents, teachers, experts, etc), following which we will draw up the final report of the project.

Depending on the evaluation of this pilot project, the same project will be implemented over the next two years in the regions of La Rioja and Grenoble.