European Road Safety Charter

FUSS e.V. Fachverband Fußverkehr Deutschland [German Pedestrians’ Association]

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Within the framework of the European Road Safety Charter, we commit ourselves to the following activities for the years 2010 through to 2012:
On the school day following each 22 September, we launch the nationwide community campaign “I walk to school”. Over the entire year, information material will be sent out to disseminators (teachers, nursery teachers and parents). Coverage amounts to around 500,000 copies of the flyer in German and around 20,000 copies in Turkish yearly, as well as further background information, posters and so on ( and
We will examine themes concerning traffic slowdown and traffic safety every three months in our publication “mobilogisch!”, a magazine that deals with ecology, politics and movement.
In 2010 we will carry out the most comprehensive traffic safety audit yet to date, closing off an over 500-kilometre-long pedestrian road network with more than 900 crossings in Berlin. From the point of view of pedestrian traffic, we will suggest qualified measurements be taken for the improvement and security of the infrastructure. These suggestions will be made to the Berlin senate, the accident committee and the advisory board “Berlin on Foot”.
Ideally, we would like to integrate subscribers to the Berlin Charter for Traffic Safety, the interests of pedestrians and in particular the elderly within the framework for a communications platform that deals with traffic safety issues. (
From 2010 and onwards, FUSS e.V. will concentrate on publicising the positive effects of increased traffic safety through measures taken for the slowdown of traffic (speed reductions, low traffic areas/play streets, meeting areas). This will be done through publicity and lobbying activities. (planned:
The nationwide traffic congress in Trier under 2011 will be focussed on the traffic safety aspect within the European Union, and through the congress we will integrate and inform disseminators all over Germany (

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