European Road Safety Charter

Fundación Internacional de la Salud

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The International Health Foundation, along the same lines of activity that it has been developing since it was established, undertakes to carry out dissemination and training activities over the next three years in the field of road health, in partnership with the main institutions and organisations involved in the matter.The activities will be as follows:
The annual celebration of FISALUD, the International Health Fair, at which courses will be taught, training workshops will be held, and videos will be shown on various issues such as the effect of different drugs on one’s ability to drive, the consequences of tiredness behind the wheel, the consequences of driving under the effect of alcohol, the importance of using appropriate child restraint systems, etc. Over 50,000 people visit the fair.
The annual celebration of the Road Health Debate, a round table that has been organised in the framework of FISALUD since the first edition of the health fair, and in which representatives of all those bodies involved in road health take part, including the president of Volvo Car España, the road safety director, the president of the Mapfre Road Safety Institute, the director general of AESLEME and the president of the Official College of Physicians of Madrid.
Active involvement in all those initiatives that seek to reduce the number of road accident victims, such as the annual celebration of the European Road Safety Day.
We will hold the activities carried out at FISALUD in the field of road safety in course format for different public organisations such as schools, centres for the elderly and town councils.
In order to carry out all of these activities, the foundation follows a strategy of cooperation with the main public and private institutions involved in road health, including: the DGT [department for transport], Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE), Fundación José Pons, the MAPFRE Road Safety Institute, the European Automobile Commission (CEA), the Board of Official Nursing Colleges, the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and the Official College of Physicians of Madrid.