European Road Safety Charter

French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUBicy)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Each year, FUBicy will propose several national campaigns to promote safe bicycle use in cities to their network of member associations:
-        In March, FUBicy’s “Respect cyclists” campaign to raise awareness among other road users and developer contractors of better ways to respect cyclists (e.g., the minimum distance for passing them, the quality of bicycle-friendly road development and moderation of automobile traffic).
Tools: Mock signs (“Forbidden to pass closely”, etc.).
-        In April, a FUBicy study seminar with round table discussion and workshops. This colloquium will be open to local authorities’ elected officials and employees, research departments, bicycle professionals and associations and will give them the opportunity to exchange and jointly promote the development of urban cycling whilst ensuring the security of all.
Tools: Study seminar event, etc.
-        In September, co-organisation of Mobility and Road Safety Week alongside the Ministry and ADEME, mass mobilisation of the network of member associations, appeal to national projects to multiply bicycle-related actions for the public at large throughout the week, all whilst emphasising cyclist safety.
Tools: Informational releases and press dossier, display kit.
-        In October, FUBicy’s “Shine, cyclists” campaign to raise awareness among cyclists and all other road users of the rules for moving around safely (e.g., watching for bicycles and increasing bicycle visibility; reminding them of the vital importance of functioning active and passive lighting devices; displaying awareness-raising statements directed at the public at large, such as “Bicycles, buses and trucks - We live together”; the danger of blind spots in large-sized vehicles.
Tools: Displaying awareness-raising signs directed at the public at large and heavy vehicle drivers.
Length of the commitment: three years.

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