European Road Safety Charter

Forum Traffic Safety Hamburg

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The focal point of our work on behalf of traffic safety is our joint task of further decreasing the number of traffic accidents and, particularly, the number of road traffic victims. These are our goals; to:
·                    Encourage the population and public officials to act on behalf of safe and environmentally responsible mobility based on our joint action;
·                    Achieve equality and responsible road behaviour on the part of all participants in road traffic;
·                    Develop new approaches jointly to target group-oriented, preventative activities;
·                    Use the Internet portal to provide an information service to answer questions on safe mobility in Hamburg.
Protecting children in road traffic is one of our most important tasks. Over the next three years, we will continue our comprehensive and binding mobility and traffic-training programme for all children from the first through the sixth levels, including ongoing work with the traffic instructors of the police department. We will continue our traffic safety campaign “Rücksicht auf Kinder… kommt an” ( as well as numerous other campaigns in schools.
In order to decrease accident rates amongst young drivers, once again Hamburg will be encouraging Accompanied Driving from the age of 17. The project “Mobil – aber sicher” (, is directed at learner drivers in order to sensitise them to the dangers of alcohol and drugs at the wheel. In the years to come, we hope to repeatedly achieve the figure of more than 1,500 participants that we reached in 2009.
In the context of a cycling strategy for Hamburg, we will continue our annual bicycle safety campaign and intensify public activities on behalf of safe cycling in the city.
Information and courses such as the project “Bike (er)fahren” will be offered for motorcycle drivers in order to decrease the number of accidents in that area as well.
We will develop a broad range of facilities for older traffic participants under the title “Einfach mobil bleiben”, commencing with advice and continuing all the way to practical courses for all forms of mobility, including cars, bicycles and local public transport.
Through all of these activities aimed at traffic accident prevention, the Hamburg Forum on Traffic Safety will work on bringing together all participants. In this sense, we support the goals of the European Charters, because only through joint effort and the interchange between participants in the sense of the “best practice” concept can we continue to decrease accident numbers.

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