European Road Safety Charter

Fondation De La Route, Fondation D’entreprise Mget

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Everyone has a role to play to improve road safety. Although clamping down is a means of encouraging drivers to adopt civic behaviour, it must be accompanied by ambitious and efficient prevention activities adapted to the various target groups to enable them to become aware of the risks and their limits.
Achieving a change in behaviour is a long and complex process that should form part of a social project. This is where the Foundation de la route comes in: to participate effectively in the fight against danger on the road.
As well as our usual activity, we are committing to the charter through the following actions:
We plan to continue our activity with the setting up of road safety villages. Our team travels around to different places to raise public awareness about hazards on the road.
The foundation has appropriate material to implement these actions: car and motorbike simulators, crash tests, car rollover simulators, reflexometers, ergovision and Highway Code workshops. All of this material is available for use in the four foundation lorries and by the 300 foundation volunteers trained by the 15 regional referents. The foundation will organise over 250 local, regional and national activities per year, and will continue to do so with its 2010-2015 action plan.
For this five-year plan, we hope to add an additional target to our usual targets         (young people, the working population and senior citizens): children aged 7-12 years. Indeed, pedestrians today will be the drivers of the future and making them aware about road safety from a young age is essential. Also, special attention will be given to two-wheeled vehicles.     

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