European Road Safety Charter

The Fluorescent Soiree For Grandparents

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For the second time our school organized an evening party, 'The Fluorescent Soiree', for grandmothers and grandfathers called “Granny, Grandpa, Be Visible On The Road”. A lot of invited guests gathered in a beautifully decorated gym to see the first-graders’ performance – the representatives of local authorities and institutions, police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Dąbrowa Tarnowska, students of the University of the Third Age and retired teachers. Pupils’ grandmothers and grandfathers were special guests of honour. Pupils presented a nativity play and a performance “For Granny And Grandpa” prepared under the supervision of the class tutors. Members of the School Safety Club and school government as well as teachers dealing with road safety education joined the organization of the event. The School Safety Club prepared not only a special song connected with road safety but also small presents for the invited guests in the form of fluorescent armbands. Our school got these bands from Mrs Urszula Augustyn, a Member of Parliament, who visited us in October. The headmistress, Mrs Anna Fido, on behalf of Mrs Urszula Augustyn, encouraged everybody to promote appropriate and safe behavior on the road for example by wearing fluorescent bands. It is worth saying that wearing fluorescent elements has been common in the European Union. In Poland it has been obligatory since 1 September 2014. Our school joined a campaign organized in the province of Małopolska (Lesser Poland) entitled “Fluorescent Elements For The Elders” and we distributed over 250 fluorescent bands. Moreover, there was a stall for the guest where they could get educational materials concerning The European Code Against Cancer. Everybody had also a chance to have a little snack. The event passed off in a very pleasant, festive and family atmosphere and it finished with singing carols together. Smiling faces of both children and invited guests proved that special evening to be unforgettable.