European Road Safety Charter

Flemish Confederation of parents and parents associations

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We will take the following road safety actions to improve the road safety of school children:
1) With the 'XIU' campaign we motivate teenagers to wear fluorescent colours while cycling to increase their visibility on the road. We will provide each secondary school with an action package in order for them to organise a successful 'fluo'-action day. This package includes a welcome letter, posters, flyer, PowerPoint presentation, 8 tips for school management/parents council + 8 tips for teenagers, 2 movies, XIU flag and a CD-rom.
2) We place a mobile traffic park at the disposal of schools for free. We promote this traffic park to schools through our website, brochures, newsletters and presentations in schools.
3) "Am I doing it Safe" campaign: we will promote road safety at the school gate through the organisation of interactive evenings for parents in cooperation with the local police and the traffic working group of the school.
4) Yearly election of the 'Road Safety' parents association of the year: the parents associations who are original and steadfast in their road safety action will be elected.
Duration of the commitment: 3 years.

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