European Road Safety Charter

European Police Association (non-profit association)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The EPA (European Police Association) joins forces with the signatories of the European Charter on Road Safety to undertake actions aimed at reducing the number of road accident victims, namely:
- The publication of regular articles in its newsletter (a quarterly article) as well as leaflets on road safety (250 per quarter), which members and supporters can also find online on the association’s website.
- Raising awareness through its website: thanks to a special page (under study) which could contain, for instance, a comparison of legislation or different road safety issues depending on the season or on current events.
- Raising awareness on our stands for the general public: the EPA will be present at various events wherein road safety will be addressed, for instance: during the Salon des Mandataires trade show for public sector representatives during the European Meeting of Municipal Police in France or other open days, fairs, shows and safety days. It will take part in five activities of this type on average every year. On this occasion, it will distribute flyers and other gadgets devoted to road safety and will answer various questions on the issue.
- Participation in road safety actions: EPA is a member of the platform “Share Our Roads”, bringing together several Belgian road safety associations, and takes part in the platform’s actions. The current theme is “Sur la route, ma sécurité, pas sur un coup de dé!” (On the road, my safety, not on the throw of the dice!) and is aimed towards the general public.

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