European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, the actions that we carry out will be based on promoting road safety education among young people as a primary prevention measure.
We will develop a 3D videogame and nine 2D mini-games on road safety, as well as a website.
The 3D videogame is basically a children's traffic park, simulating real situations that we come across regularly in our environment (two-way roads, one-way roads, pedestrian roads, roads with cycle paths, roundabouts, zebra crossings, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, etc.). The main objective is to pass the road safety test by winning points for knowledge and safety. These points are won by respecting the rules and correctly answering road safety questions.
The nine 2D mini-games have a number of educational objectives, including: strengthening recognition of groups of signs, learning about rules of behaviour and caution when using roads as a pedestrian, cyclist and passenger, and learning about correct attitudes and behaviours, etc.
The videogames will be handed out free of charge, through two main channels: children's traffic parks (they will be handed out free of charge to those children visiting the traffic parks) and schools. It will be possible to download the 3D videogame via the Internet, and it will be possible to access and play the 2D mini-games via the website. A communication campaign will be launched, which will focus on road safety issues in urban zones, through the entire national education network (posters for all schools and leaflets for teachers and children, informing them about the campaign and promoting the download and use of the games), targeting all primary and secondary children in the country (just over 4 million children), although people of any age will be able to download and use the games should they wish to do so. Schools will be given the kit with the videogame and the mini-games, so that these can be installed in IT classrooms. They will also be given a book, which can be used as a tool in road safety education lessons.Also, an online ranking will be created some months after the games have been distributed, with prizes for the highest scorers in the different categories (including adult categories). This will further encourage people to use the videogames.