European Road Safety Charter


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On 9 June 2015 The Eleventh District Road Safety Knowledge Tournament For Grades 1-3 “Impeccably And Safely” took place in our school. The main idea of the tournament was to acquaint the youngest road users with road safety rules and giving first aid. The tournament not only broadens their knowledge about safety but also gives a chance to get pupils into the habit of appropriate behavior on the road. Moreover, the tournament popularizes riding bikes as a great means of transport and an excellent recreational activity as well. The tournament is very famous among pupils and their parents. The whole event was opened by the headmistress, Mrs Anna Fido, who welcomed all the participants and their teachers. She emphasized the role of all people who were not alien to safety issues and who took many actions to improve the level of safety on our roads. A good example of such an action is The Eleventh District Road Safety Knowledge Tournament for grades 1-3. The tournament is organized on a few levels. There are class, school, municipal and finally district elimination rounds. The youngest pupils from schools in Dąbrowa Tarnowska participated in two competitions: a theoretical knowledge test (road safety rules and first aid) and a fitness test (going through an obstacle course by bike). The first stage was a test in the knowledge of safety regulations and first aid. There was a wide range of questions and to do the test correctly pupils had to show the thorough knowledge of the matter. The fitness test was quite a challenge for the participants, too. The teams had to go by bike through an obstacle course placed on a school sports field. The jury consisted of police officers from the Traffic Department in Dąbrowa Tarnowska. They supervised the test and gave valuable advice to the participants. The medical care was held by our school nurse. The whole event was accompanied by a great atmosphere and the spirit of rivalry as the prizes were worth striving for. There were seven teams consisting of three pupils who represented the best schools in the Dąbrowa Tarnowska district and who fought for the title of the best team. The tournament was judged by the jury consisting of teachers, police officers and the tournament coordinators. Apart from the team competition, individual participants were also awarded – for the highest number of points on the knowledge test and for the best ride through the obstacle course. Then the winning team as well as all the participants and their teachers received congratulations from the headmistress Mrs Anna Fido, the mayor of Dąbrowa Tarnowska Mr Krzysztof Kaczmarski, the mayor of Olesno Mr Witold Morawiec and police officers – staff sergeant Paweł Chwałek, warrant officer Jarosław Czupryna and sergeant Tomasz Banaś. Each team was given diplomas and valuable prizes. Tournament coordinators and teachers were also given certificates of distinction and small gifts in recognition of their hard work to prepare pupils for this competition. The sponsors for the event were given special thanks, too. The originators and the organizers of the tournament, Mrs Małgorzata Gawlik, Mrs Renata Klimek and Mrs Barbara Stępnik, congratulated winners and everybody who helped to organize the tournament for example by giving financial support thereby contributing to increasing safety of the youngest road users.