European Road Safety Charter

Educating Lithuanian people and raising awareness about railway safety

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Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration's (hereinafter - LTSA) mission for upcoming years revolve around enhancing road safety. LTSA aims to achieve a transport system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road, railway or maritime traffic. With ambitious "Zero vision" strategy administration is continiously using various different tools to reach its goals.

One of the practices - presentations which help to educate people from different social layers and regions on how to act in traffic. The main goal of these activities is to create a critical awareness of those who actively engage in traffic. With today's presentation members from LTSA encouraged people in Skemai, a small village in Lithuania's North East, to stay aware while being close to railways and to strictly follow official requirements. The audience was encouraged to actively participate by answering interactive questions and sharing their own experience. Furthermore, LTSA's members presented striking videos from actual railway accidents which helped to make entire presentation more affective.

The location of the presentation was chosen because of a tragic event which occurred on May, 2017 in Skemai. LTSA wants to ensure that such a painful event will not be repeated again. After the lecture, both drivers and pedestrians realized the need to be very careful and follow the most important rule of safe rail crossings - the train always has priority over any other vehicles and pedestrians.