European Road Safety Charter

Ecole Ancyse Célestin Freinet de Bagnols sur Cèze

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In order to improve road safety, we are committed to undertaking the following actions:
- Raising awareness of road safety rules with the involvement of a municipal police officer once a term in each class.
- School outings in the town to identify the dangers of the road surrounding the school and home to school journeys.
- Organisation of workshops with our partners on a day devoted to road safety: working with educational video resources, blood alcohol level simulation workshop (special glasses), “car” workshop (wearing a seatbelt, becoming acquainted with the rules of conduct concerning child passengers with booster seats, etc.), “bus” workshop (wearing seatbelts, evacuation drill in the event of an accident).
- Learning to cycle in the school playground for the younger students and participation in the county final on road safety for the older students. This involves being familiar with the rules of the road and safety rules for cyclists (wearing a helmet, bicycle maintenance).
- Organisation of workshops with our partners over the course of a day to learn how to give first aid. Working on video resources (films simulating road accidents) filmed by and with our students in the environment around the school. To be familiar with the procedures to apply in the event of an accident; protect, alert and help the victims. Work with firemen, the Red Cross, accident and emergency doctors, nurses.
- Distribution of fluorescent badges to be more visible.
We are planning:
- The creation of a walking bus within the school’s radius with the participation of families.
- The organisation of information sessions with families.
Safety surrounding the school complex will be incorporated in the town’s future traffic plan. This project also falls within the framework of sustainable development; less road traffic will improve student safety and air quality around the school complex.
Our actions will be assessed by means of monitoring the evolution of road traffic, the improvement of accidentology, the change in children’s behaviour with regard to their own safety and the change in behaviour towards the vulnerable users that they represent.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Pour lutter contre l'insécurité routière et protégers les usagers vulnérables que sont les enfants. Nous souhaitons dans les 3 années à venir sécuriser les abords du groupe scolaire afin de permettre aux élèves de se déplacer en toute securité, seuls ou accompagnés.