European Road Safety Charter

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

For the next three years we will commit to:
1. Through our coaching for a safer community partnership we will deliver road safety messages to young people through organising football events. During these events we will deliver Road Safety messages.
2. We will through the use of the Firebike, a Honda Fireblade, attend relevant motorcycle related events and other Fire Service events to promote safer riding and raise awareness of issues of motorcycle safety to all road users.
3. We will allow the use of our town of Battle Fire Station as a "Motorcycle drop in centre" to further engage with riders for Road Safety.
The measures will be the number of events attended and ultimately the reduction in motorcycle related injuries.
We anticipate 3.000 people will participate.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Higher than average rate of road user casualties, in part due to the fact that the  rural roads make driving difficult, need to engage with young people regarding the dangers of driving.
Motorcyle uses represent a disproprtonate number of killed and serious injured compared with other road users. especially the middle aged male riders

Your knowledge 

We know that young people will engage with the Service through the medium of football.
Motorcyle uses will engage with the Service as they are not seen as law enforcement agencies and by providing facilities are more likely to talk to firefirefighters who are fellow bike enthusiasts