European Road Safety Charter

Drive Alive UK Ltd

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The majority of drivers on our roads have passed a standard driving test but have had no further training. Our aim is simple "Before you can change someone's behaviour you have to change their mind" With this in mind we commit to the European Road safety Charter with the following
1. We are supporting the charitable organisation East Anglia Air Ambulance Service by offering driver training, free of charge, to their fund raising staff. This is a commitment by Drive Alive to contribute to local charities not with kind words but practical life saving skills to a life saving organisation. We are providing 10 defensive driving courses and 2 specialist courses to EA Air ambulance per year
2. Drive Alive has dedicated area on its web site for free access to information and news updates relevant to road safety. We will constantly update and review the site to provide a source of information to anyone who wishes to access it. By doing so we hope to influence the attitude of drivers in general and fulfil our aim of reducing the misery of road traffic based deaths and injuries. We anticipate an average of 5-6,000 hits per year.
Drive Alive have no financial or commercial interest in the above and all staff contribution and time is given freely.