European Road Safety Charter

Don't risk it on the roads....

Don't risk it on the roads is a road safety campaign set up by the student council after one of our students was hit by a motorbike whilst crossing the road by our school. His injuries were so serious he was air lifted to a London hospital for specialist treatment. The student council immediately decided it was time to campaign to the local council and point out the dangers faced by all who used the road on a daily basis. They were committed to making the roads in their local area safer for all who used them. The student council put together a hard hitting campaign which included video footage, posters, photographs, surveys, poems and an actual interview with the student involved in the road traffic accident. They were then invited to the Highways Committee meeting at the council to present their campaign. The concerns they made were all valid and the council members could see that changes needed to be made before their was a fatality on these roads. We now have signs indicating there are children crossing, speed has been reduced from 40 to 30 mph, the approach to the roundabout has been narrowed from three lanes to two and one of the lanes is now a bus/cycle lane. We are still awaiting speed calming indicators which are due for installation very soon and a new crossing. With a new cycle lane we are now promoting cycling to school. We have set up a bike loan scheme. Providing students with the opportunity to loan and bike with all the safety equipment and be safe on the roads.