European Road Safety Charter


Campaign “Safety Check” for young drivers DEKRA provides at least 2,000 free safety checks each year for vehicles of young drivers (18 to 24 years old). This service will be made available via at least 50 local DEKRA subsidiaries throughout Germany. Under the patronage of the German minister of transport participants had the opportunity to win a meet and greet with Formula One driver Nico Hülkenberg, partner of the campaign. DEKRA – caps for children just starting school Distribution of about 50,000 highly visible DEKRA caps with reflective elements to the children in their first school year throughout the period 2004 to 2010. This will help to protect the most vulnerable group in traffic situations. A folder “10 points for finding the safe way to school” will be handed to parents. DEKRA survey on the favour of 0.0 alcohol level when driving In a current DEKRA survey, almost four in five (78%) German drivers express their support for a gen-eral ban on alcohol while driving. The share of proponents of the ban is particularly high among wom-en and young drivers. In the nationwide survey with 1,350 participants, 80% of drivers indicated their conviction that a general ban on alcohol at the wheel leads to fewer traffic accidents. Motorcycle-app for iOS and android For more fun and safety while driving on two wheels, DEKRA launched its new free motorcycle app. It provides selected tours in Germany, tips for a safe start into the season and information for potential buyers on pre-owned vehicles. In addition, the app has a tracking function with which driven routes can be recorded and then shared. Yearly Road Safety Report Each year in its Yearly Road Safety Report, DEKRA focuses on another field in which road safety can be improved. 2013: Survey on the accidentology on rural roads 2014 Survey on urban mobility.