European Road Safety Charter

Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization is a newly formed non-profit, non-governmental organization that is carrying out the role of the Secretariat for the youth clubs of Cyprus. Within the organization's long term planning is to undertake actions and alert its members on the matters of road safety. Our commitment is related to the following points:
1. We will create a Road Safety campaign in collaboration with the Road Safety Council in an attempt to minimize accidents and keep drivers safe on the road at all times.
2. We will make collaborative effort to attract young volunteers and educate them with the purpose of promoting road safety awareness within the Road Safety Council's targets.
3. We will organize along with the regional committees, awareness seminars in some of the larger and highly active youth clubs regarding accidentology and ways to prevent it. This will be combined with small scale lectures and where possible the inclusion of focus groups in an attempt to figure out the young people's feelings and opinions regarding road safety.
4. We will promote the Road Safety's information and retain availability of various leaflets in leaflet stands that are going to be distributed to more than 90 youth clubs nationally. In this way every young member of the youth club will have access to the material distributed.
This commitment will be reviewed for the two following years according to evaluation by the Board.

charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Being that our main focus is the youth of Cyprus and most people that are involved in accidents are young people, we would like to contribute and act upon road safety issues involving our members.

Your knowledge 

Our youth clubs have organized road safety projects in the past and we are looking to create with the related Ministry an even larger scale project with many more participants.