European Road Safety Charter

Cyclists’ Union

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Fietsersbond departs for all its activities from the STOP-principle: we encourage people as much as possible to first choose to walk or cycle, or use the public transport, and only use the car as a last resort.
Fietsersbond organises campaigns for different target groups. The awareness campaigns are aimed at:
- Making cyclists more self-confident and assertive and make them cycle in a safe way, e.g. we organise an annual action on the importance of well functioning bicycle lights.
- Making motorists aware of the consequences of their behaviour for vulnerable road users: e.g. we organise a campaign on parking on cycle paths.
We also educate on safe and preventive cycling. In the educational work Fietsersbond follows three important principles:
The courses:
- Are very practice-oriented
- Promote lifelong learning as skills and perceptions can change during life
- Train teachers and education staff (teach the teacher)
Fietsersbond organises courses for a variety of target groups: seniors, children, employees, disadvantaged groups... 

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