European Road Safety Charter

Cycling Safety Project

PROJECT The 3-month project is aimed at testing the new telematics system, which collects collision avoidance warnings from Cycle Safety Shield and their parameters, e.g. their location and time, speed of both potential crash opponents, etc. It allows public transport companies to reduce accident risks and related insurance costs, improve driver training and the company image, while city authorities can access selective and anonymous data on anti-collision alerts, which would allow them to see potentially dangerous intersections, analyse the causes and take informed decisions on traffic planning improvements and cycling infrastructure.​ ANTI-COLLISION ALERTS The telematics system operates on the basis of alerts issued by Cycle Safety Shield, an anti-collision system, especially focused on the safety of the most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists against blind zone accidents. In addition to reducing the accident rate, it contributes to lower vehicle insurance costs and higher attractiveness of sustainable modes of transport. You may find more detailed information in the fact sheets attached.​ PARTNERS The organisations that have already confirmed their participation are Transport for London, Ealing Community Transport, City of Belfast, ​EMT Madrid, L'Hospitalet City Council, City of Helmond, Van den Broek Logistics, Amey Group, Sainsbury's Supermarket, Murrills Construction, etc​.