European Road Safety Charter

The Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) video contest on the 10 golden rules of traffic

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The Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) continuously promotes 10 golden rules in traffic by carrying out a whole range of promotional activities.

Since 2016 HAK hosts an annual competition for the production of short films on this topic with the aim of promoting creativity amongst under-24s.

This year, 33 films were submitted, and the following authors were awarded:-

  1. Award by Marko Erlić from Čakovec for the video "Multitasking"
  2. Award by Kristijan Jalšić from Voloder for the video "Two Sides"
  3. Award by Ivan Kapustić from Nedelišća for the video "Respect speed limits"

Special awards:-

  • Karlo Vorih from Zagreb for the video "Get attached"
  • Ana Šiškov from Split for the video "You tie this up"

The awards were presented to the winners by the Head of the Road Transport Officešimir Viduka.

To read more and to watch the winning videos click here