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Competition Road safety for children from preparatory classes to kindergarten / kindergarten and half-day preparatory classes a

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• Organisers Over the past 11 years in May in Pazardzhik organized competition Safety Traffic children preparatory groups. This year the competition was hosted Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" with partners Municipality of Pazardzhik - Directorate "Education and culture"; Regional Inspectorate of Education – Pazardzhik • Goal Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the regulated and unregulated situations in traffic safety culture and behavior of children in the preparatory fourth groups, adapting to the social environment, interacting and cooperating with the surrounding. Validation of race BDP as a form of pedagogical animation, directed at reinforcing the knowledge and skills of children associated with the protection of their lives and education of safe behavior as future students and pedestrians. • Idea 1. For the first time the implementation of the competition in four areas: two saturated with physical activity / outdoor area with racing games and zone management scooter on a particular route /, a related presentation knowledge on road safety by means of visual arts / collective application "Our street "/ and a demonstrated knowledge of children through information technology / answering questions with a computer and mouse /. 2. For the first time, participants do not compete with each other, but for a common cause / 2 keys winning team, and their arrangement , spelling the word "Light" / 3. For the first inclusion of something new and innovative games by III zone "Display knowledge" where kids answer questions using a computer and mouse. 4. For the first time to show successful teamwork with partner organizations - excellent coordination between colleagues during the race, very high activity of the team of Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" for the realization of the idea, a very good collaboration with partners / management "Education and Culture ", the Regional Inspectorate of Education Section "Traffic police" /. 5. For the first time the competition was organized in a new, different and original manner ensuring its greater density, the successful transfer of the ready skills in real traffic conditions. • Participants To be part each kindergarten and preparatory group of the school in all areas - 2 players - one child from the preparatory group of kindergarten and preparatory group of schools participating in the zones "Green Scene" and "Our Street" - 24 children - one child from the preparatory group of kindergarten and preparatory group of schools participating in the zones "Display knowledge" and "Road Labyrinth" - 24 children - Vocal group of the kindergarten № 9 "Kalina Malina" - implementation of the thematic presentation and songs at a time of transition areas - 40 children. • Teams Four teams in four zones, each team with 12 participants. Team names are associated with the idea of road safety: team "cop" team "Zebra" team "Pedestrian" and Team "cyclist". • Clothing - Children with numbers 1-4 of all teams in red T-shirts with card number and names of participants and the name of the kindergarten or school. - Children with numbers 5-8 of all teams in yellow T-shirts with card number and names of participants and the name of the kindergarten or school. - Children with numbers 9-12 of all teams in green T-shirts with card number and names of participants and the name of the kindergarten or school. • Discovering Green scene in the courtyard of the kindergarten. Guests of the event were: representatives from the Municipality of Pazardzhik, the Regional Inspectorate of Education, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, School Boards in Kindergarten "Kalina Malina", the directors of kindergartens in the city and the municipality, the media, many colleagues and parents. • Fairy-tale characters Favorite of all children Smurfs and Gargamel bad. The role of these characters were to lead in individual areas. • Areas 1. "Green Scene" - an area saturated with much physical activity, dynamics and Busey. In this area involved first team "cop" and then changing sides team "Zebra". Play three games: "Grouped road signs"; "Danger - safe" and "Cars with special regime of movement" , through which knowledge is consolidated and updated skills of children for the types of road signs, vehicles with special regime, analyzing and evaluating the traffic situation. 2. "Our Street" - the area in which the children by means of art - to application - create a collective mural depicting street - a place for safe play and walks, a place to observe all traffic rules. Each participant lined building of vehicle, road sign. This is the area in which the team begins "Zebra" and changes to team "traffic cop" 3. "Screen of knowledge" - a new area in which consolidate children's knowledge on traffic safety through the use of interactive presentation. Each competitor is responsible to the questions on the screen by "click" the mouse on the correct answer. First team play "Pedestrian", after switching places in the area coming team, "cyclist". 4. "Traffic labyrinth" - the area in which display their options when driving - scooter unaided by turning in space / left, right, forward / comply with road signs along the way, lining puzzle of road signs and answer questions from the jury. • Conclusions: - The race became a natural finish training in traffic safety in the town of Pazardzhik 2014/2015 school year and the main reason for organizing such initiatives. - Promotes the activity of Pazardzhik Municipality, Regional Inspectorate of Education, Sector "Road Police" and kindergarten № 9 "Kalina Malina" regarding the education and training of children on Safety of traffic. - Provokes and stimulates children's activity, concentration, flexibility, interest, attention, increases children's socialization. - Provides important partnerships with community organizations and parents. 3. TARGET GROUP: Children, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, passengers. 4. CAMPAIGN PERIOD : April – May 2015 5. SCOPE OF THE CAMPAIGN: Children, parents, teams of kindergartens and schools in Pazardzhik 6. NUMBER OF EVENTS HELD: - Race "On the street did not play to move safely Know" with children preparatory groups in kindergartens and schools in the town of Pazardzhik - May 14, 2015 - Exhibition of paintings: "Save the lives of children" - May 14, 2015 - Development of models "My Street" - April 30, 2015 - A joint initiative with the Bus Station Pazardzhik - April 30, 2015 - Quiz "My road safety" - May 9, 2015 7. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS INVOLVED: 160/48 Preparatory groups of children in 11 kindergartens and 8 schools in the town of Pazardzhik, 48 teachers reactions accompanying children, 40 children's vocal group, but representatives of the municipality of Pazardzhik, the RIE, Sector "Traffic Police "Committee on the implementation, Committee on Safety of traffic in Kindergarten" Kalina Malina”/. 8. PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: - Pazardzhik Municipality - Directorate "Education and Culture" - Regional Inspectorate of Education - Pazardzhik - District Interior Ministry Directorate - Sector "Traffic police"