European Road Safety Charter

Community Speedwatch management and development

CSW Online is a technological solution to modernise The Community Speedwatch initiative and co-ordinate groups on behalf of the Police. As a group of experienced Speedwatch volunteers ourselves and professional software developers, our team has developed and introduced a web-based application platform to manage all aspects of Community Speedwatch activity. The goal of CSW Online is to educate and inform the public against anti-social driving in an efficient and effective manner of adoption of the CSW initiative as well as help increase the threshold of scrutiny on legitimate offences of anti-social driving. The CSW Online system manages and automates a wide range of bespoke functions for registered groups to ensure consistently high standards and principles which are applied to: • volunteer/group registration; • initial online training; • site requests; • safety assessment and approval procedures; • equipment maintenance and booking; • session scheduling; • data accuracy training; • semi-automatic roadside data acquisition; • easy transfer to PNC keeper data acquisition; • multiple offence alerting which enables escalation. CSW Online today manages more than 2,700 trained volunteers spread across almost 600 groups, spanning several counties and used by a growing number of Police forces. The system has improved the accuracy of recording speeding drivers, brought consistency to processes and practices, helped increase the number of CSW volunteers significantly and reduced the demands on police to manage, train and direct local groups. It has generated over 55,000 letters (20,000 in Sussex alone) in the last year and helped raise the profile and effectiveness of Community Speedwatch as a way of residents supporting the police to tackle local issues. In November 2017, CSW Online won the prestigious Home Office – Lord Ferrers Award for Technological Innovation. The award was presented to the group by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, as a recognition for the unique work the group is doing. Our aim at implementing CSW Online nation-wide has come one step closer with this recognition.