European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We have founded an information and documentation centre on acquired brain injury (ABI) with numerous books, slides and films available on road safety. We also disseminate this information via a specific website and the coma newsletter.
We will develop the following activities:
- On request we give lectures and courses on traumatic brain injury and road safety.
- We create publications on traumatic brain injury with special attention for road fatalities (70%), and ditto leaflets. We distribute around 20.000 leaflets and 8.000 booklets per year through various channels (e.g. in hospitals and health centres where ABI patients are treated).
- We are represented at various events (approximately 12 per year), e.g., road-, racing, karting etc... to highlight the dangers of traffic. At these events we have stand with prevention materials.

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