European Road Safety Charter

Colruyt Group

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Colruyt Group is actively working on road safety and commits to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions:
1. We are currently reviewing our internal Transport-Charter with all our professional drivers (both internal and external). By signing this Charter, each driver commits itself to work as much as possible on road safety, especially by his / her professionalism as a professional driver. The focus of the Transport-Charter lies on the commitment of the driver and our commitment regarding our planning of the transportation organisation (e.g.: to respect traffic regulations, focus on vulnerable road users, keeping distance, remain courteous, stay fit and fresh on the road, provide a balanced schedule, making sure that our trucks and trailers are in perfect condition, involve drivers actively in the work organization and give decision rights to the drivers).
2. All internal drivers follow training on preventive driving.
3. We also are committed to raise awareness among a wider public. Therefore two thirds of the year we place our drivers at the disposal of schools to give explanations on the blind spot problem. In this way children become aware of the dangers in the traffic in a clear and practical way. 

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