European Road Safety Charter

City of Leuven

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The city council wants to improve the road safety and the 'traffic liveability'.
The city wants to transform the entire city centre into a 30 km zone in order to permanently ensure the liveability. Furthermore it will continue with the introduction of 30km zones in residential areas with adapted facilities.
The local police will contribute to control and where possible, further reduce the number of road casualties and the feeling of insecurity on the road by influencing the (unadjusted) driving behaviour of road users by:
A. Every year, we will apply the federal, provincial and regional priorities including the use of safety equipment in the traffic (wearing of the seatbelt, visibility, alcohol and drug abuse and adjusting speed).
B. We will focus on improving the disturbing interaction between the different categories of road users
C. By 2012, we will increase the subjective and objective probability of getting caught: filming of inappropriate behaviour with the objective to confront the road users with their proper erroneous traffic behaviour, organisation of punctual controls at school gates and roads to the school, organising differentiated control actions
In terms of road safety, the police will give priority to tackle the following aspects of road safety on a project basis in the coming years:
- The role of the cyclist in traffic, with specific attention to the inappropriate behaviour of the cyclists;
- The use of safety equipment in traffic, with specific attention to the visibility of vulnerable road users e.g. by seeking to reduce the number of unlit bicycles by 20% at police controls at the beginning and the end of winter and by an annual control of 1500 cyclists in the context of school actions;
- Tackle excessive and unadjusted speed. As indicator we aim to reduce the speed with 5% on 3 indicative spots.

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