European Road Safety Charter

City of Hasselt

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

1) Every year the city invests 63.000 euro to address the traffic behaviour among pupils in the city's schools.
We will organise the following actions:
- MORE: a mobility game for children in collaboration with police and community guards
- 'Pol the Traffic fellow' will point out the risks and potential dangers of their behaviour to all road users nearby primary schools in Hasselt.
- Bicycle pooling
- Pedestrian pooling
- Theatre play on road safety for preschool children
- Educational booklet "Knipperlicht" (Blinker) for primary education
2) An integrated mobility plan ensures that we can make long term decisions.
3) A purchased software program allows us to critically discuss the traffic figures in our traffic committee on a monthly basis. Here we evaluate the causes of the accidents that occurred (speeding, poor infrastructure...) and use this information to define corrective actions.

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