European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

C&G Logistics GmbH is the market leader in airmail logistics. We want to assure road safety for our employees, our clients and for the general public. That is why we have decided to sign the European Road Safety Charter from 2008- 2011.
1. For all of our company’s vehicles we will order all possible security devices available. Systems not offered by the car manufacturer like back-drive-cameras, airpipes to de-ice truck-roofs or reflecting outline marings are upgraded before taking the cars into service.
2. Additionally to the security features on our cars we will try to optimize the on-the-job safety for our drivers.
3. The average age of our cars will be constantly under 18 months to reduce the possibility of malfunctioning.
4. We are aware that accidents don’t just happen but that they are caused by our staff. Therefore we educate and re-educate our drivers. We are going to continue our yearly road safety day (8 hours) for all our employees: Safe driving, risk situations, adapted behaviour and evaluation of risks caused by third party.
5. To avoid accidents due to fatigue we plan our routes in a way that every driver doesn’t have to stay more than one night out of town. For over night stays the driver doesn’t have to sleep in the truck but in hotels, or guest houses paid by the company.
Our aim is to reduce the number of accidents by 75% caused by our drivers until 2012 and the accidents caused by third parties by 50%. 

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