European Road Safety Charter

Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Centre for Transport Studies, University College London measures and monitors the state of road safety in the UK and in other countries. We are aware of the need for balanced approaches to road safety that maintain high levels of mobility and access whilst achieving high levels of safety. We seek counterpart contacts in other countries for the exchange of information and views, and for project partnership.
Our team consists of leaders in academic road safety studies of various kinds, we consider the safety of different modes of travel, the demographic safety profiles in the UK, international differences in safety performance, the state of safety in Great Britain, and the design and effects of various safety interventions, including planning, engineering, education and enforcement.
We will commit to undertake innovative and original research on road safety. We will advise local and national government organisations in Britain and abroad. We will evaluate safety statistics and investigate developments.
Our outputs in terms of dissemination will include professional advice, conference presentation and papers at academic conferences and public meetings, journal papers, reports, short courses to road safety professionals, and education to MSc and PhD students (post degree) of transport. At the moment, we have over 100 students of transport at MSc and graduate research levels.
The volume of each of these modes of dissemination will vary from year to year.