European Road Safety Charter

Campaign for drivers of cargo trucks and passengers busses #projectEDWARD

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration have supported project EDWARD – the European Day without a Road Death which took place on 19 September during the European Mobility Week.

LTSA has decided to take an active part in this campaign as it fully reflect the goal of the administration – safer roads for drivers in Lithuania. This year inspectors of LTSA together with the Lithuanian Police targeted drivers of cargo trucks and passenger busses. More specifically, the idea behind this activity was to ensure safe and ergonomic conditions of the drivers’ cabin. Furthermore, this should lead to avoidance of the on-side activities which are not related with driving or drivers’ work.

Little flags in the cabin, other souvenirs, empty water bottles or napkins – all these may look like an innocent part of drivers’ cabin. However, as it has been seen from inspectors and LTSA’s experience – such small details might become the main reason of tragic events on the road. If sudden distractions occur, these flags or other things which are in the cabin might stop driver from reacting faster, or even worse, it may become the reason of distraction.

Despite these dangers which come from flags, souvenirs or just a simple mess in drivers’ cabin, drivers themselves often do not evaluate these problems; therefore, the campaign tackled these issues. Truck or bus drivers were asked to make sure that their working place is clear and does not have any possible distractions.

More than 65% of drivers who were checked during this campaign did not have their working place prepared as required. All of them were informed about possible dangers. Inspectors also have encouraged them to sign the EDWARD day pledge and have been presented with the EDWARD sticker – for ambassadors of safe road traffic.