European Road Safety Charter

Camion Pro e. V.

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As an occupational association of the transport and logistics sector, we support the efforts to reduce traffic-related mortality by increasing the abilities and competences of professional truck drivers and rescue professionals. Therefore we will design a training syllabus and organise train-the-trainer (TTT) courses to promote the common goal of halving the number of traffic fatalities by enabling trainers to sensitise and activate rescue professionals and the public for that goal. We plan to improve the situation after truck accidents for drivers and emergency services within the next two years by the following actions:
(1)    We will design print and web publications that will serve as a guide in case of truck accident and will place booths at public and professional fair trades. Approx. 150,000 leaflets will be produced.
(2)    We will organize rescue demonstrations for truck driver and emergency services to impart knowledge of ideal first aid and securing measures and professional rescue out of casualties in a crashed truck. We plan two demonstrations annually at important trade fairs or congresses to reach the utmost of professional attendees.
(3)    We will organise free courses at truck stops that will visualise and motivate drivers how easy they can help each other and prevent further injuries. In 30 training days at different locations within Germany we estimate 6,000 people to be trained, as each training will take approx. 10 minutes.