European Road Safety Charter

Building road safety responsibly into high volume insurance and fleet solutions based upon telematics data.

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The Floow design the world's most advanced and lowest-cost telematics systems. Driver education and advice is delivered to all end user drivers through mobile phones after each journey, and then later through online web portals. The educational content is unique and relative to how the individual has driven. Content is direct and based upon scoring elements relating to safe driving. Details of scores are showcased to the user to encourage them to improve their driving behaviour and promote road safety. The focus on scoring encourages users to improve safety on a variety of factors by highlighting events such as: extended and unsafe driving hours; smooth driving; harsh acceleration and braking; and also indications of excessive speeds. Mobile app users are encouraged to not use mobile devices during travel. Feedback reports detailing possibly unsafe phone calls made during journeys are shown through a visual representation of your recorded journey to highlight potentially unsafe driving behaviours. With safety in mind, The Floow developed a unique auto start and stop technology to further encourage users to refrain from using smartphones whilst driving. Our aim with all feedback provided to end users is to instil a strong safety focus throughout a range of consumer drives by displaying scores that users know will affect their future car insurance pricing, thus encouraging monetary considerations to engender a change of bad driving practices. These products and apps are deployed worldwide, alongside an exponential increase of users, with a range of leading insurers, including: Direct Line Group – The Floow were appointed the supplier of smartphone applications and telematics data analytics for the DrivePlus product range; AIG – as the supplier of telematics; Tracker; Accenture; TrakM8 – The Floow work together to deliver the analysis and develop the feedback tools; NIG – developed the FleetManager telematics smartphone app and portal software; and more currently in development. The Floow provide road safety education within all of it's telematics portals to encourage better driving throughout a very large number of motorists who span across it's various worldwide operations, thus giving feedback to hundreds of thousands of journeys each and every day to a worldwide population – encouraging better driving and road safety to the mass market of all car drivers.