European Road Safety Charter

British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

One in three UK road accidents involves someone driving for work, this results in around 200 work-related deaths or serious injuries each week. Therefore British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association commits to the following:
We will publish a Driving at Work Guide for all our members to use and disseminate to their customers. This will offer companies advice on how to put together a corporate driving at work policy, including advice on selecting and equipping the right vehicle, ensuring that drivers are qualified and fit to drive and the maintenance and correct usage of cars and vans. The previous version of this guide was distributed in print form to more than 5,000 people and downloaded from the Internet by thousands more.
We will hold regular seminars and training courses for members on the importance of work-related road safety.
Particular focus will be given regarding the 'Grey Fleet' - the millions of employees who use their own vehicles on work business. This portion of the company fleet is much older (an average of 6.7 years) than a leased (average 1.5-2 years) or rental car (average six months) and presents a far greater danger to road safety than the traditional 'company car'. We are expecting 700 people attending this training in 2009.
This year we are introducing a new Servicing, Maintenance and Repair Forum, a regular event where members can meet up to share best-practice tips and get advice from manufacturers and suppliers on keeping their vehicles in the best condition possible.
The association regularly inspects its members' fleets to ensure that they are properly maintained and meet the standards outlined in our code of conduct. We will inspect the maintenance records and procedures of more than 250 leasing and rental companies this year.
This commitment will be reviewed for the two following years according to evaluation.